77 Best Free Fonts For Designers To Download in 2020

Hey Designers! Are you looking forward to the best free fonts for implementing in the upcoming project? Do you want to access the free fonts and make your audience interaction better?

The article hereby discusses the list of 77 best free fonts for your ongoing/ upcoming design projects. Let us have a look, understand the broadly explained categories, and get ready for instant implementation.

77 Super Attractive and Best Free Fonts for Designers:


Free Serif Fonts:

Serif fonts are the most popular fonts available for download free. One can use such fonts when there stands a huge requirement of characters like newspapers, magazines, books, etc.

1. Poly

(Image credit: Nicolás Silva)

Nicolas Silva is the chief designer of this best free font applicable for web uses. This free font for designers makes the reading ability well equipped by giving clearer outlooks to the hardly readable characters.

There exists a maximum x-axis height with short ascenders to give a better reading experience.

2. Colus

colus font free download
(Image credit: Stan Partalev on Font Fabric)

This popular font is here to use with the noble outlooks letting you feel the enjoyment of inscriptions over the woods and stone.

This best free font appears under the royalty-free font category and permits instant downloading capability for the users. The font looks amazing under the sentences and posters.

Either the designer or the newer users, this clean font makes anyone fall in love with it at first glance.

3. Bitter

Bitter font free download
(Image credit: Huerta Tipográfica)

Bitter is the most popular font in the category to provide awesome reading experience to the users. The outlook appear synonymous to the Argentinian exposure making the designers inspired enough for initiating the premium screens.

It is one of the best free fonts developed by the famous person Sol Matas. These graphic design fonts contain several special characters also in association with the regular ones.

4. Amagro

(Image credit: Fabio Servolo)

Amagro is the free font available under Serif category to provide premium outlook in case of newspaper heading styling.

It contains the premium ampersand appearance and all caps in nature for designing issues. Fabio Servolo is the developer of this popular font available under the royalty free font category.

5. Emberly

Emberly font free download
(Image credit: Rajesh Rajput)

Emberly is the free commercial use fonts for creating a diverse category of documents including posters, magazine titles, logos, brochures, and several others.

The designer of this best free font is Rajesh Rajput, offering free downloading capability to the globally located users.

6. Libertinus Serif

libertinus serif font
(Image credit: Font Squirrel)


This unique font is applicable for commercial as well as personal purposes to suit the necessities. This best font appears for use under 14 different styling with popular approaches.

This is super clean font that looks pretty and modern at the same time to create eye-catching projects.

7. Restora

restora font free
(Image credit: Nasir Udin)


This free font is the best choice for book designers, newspapers printing houses, and others. One can notice these unique fonts in a brightly managed styling providing the documents a classy outlook.

Nasir Uddin is the name of font designer to bring up your finest designs into real-life appearance.

8. Rude

rude font free download
(Image credit: Masha Chuprova)

Rude is the best free font for use in professional, individual, and commercial purposes. The pieces of stuff like magazines, logos, brochures, and newspapers dedicatedly use this royalty-free font for several purposes.

It looks awesome when used along with the articles, and blogs. This font is applicable under the category of graphic design fonts to initiate several iconic graphic designs and arts.


The Best Free Fonts – Sans Serif Fonts:

9. Skye

sky font free download
(Image credit: Jonathan Hill )

Skye is one of the best available sans serif fonts for numerous purposes including graphic designing, providing film titles, brochures printing, newspaper editing, etc.

It is one of the best free font available like letter shaping with a subtle square like detailing giving a unique outlook. The font is available to download completely for free and use inside the projects.

10. Obrazec

obrazec font
(Image credit: Ilya Zakharov )

This is the best free sans serif font developed by Llya Zakharov for use in the purposes like graphical editing and formatting.

There are several such firms that use this font inside the project to provide a different outlook and confident styling.

The activities such as brochure printing, visiting card design as well as the industry based projects target this unique font with royalty free availability.

The bold font appearance makes the professionals confident to embed this font and gain greater popularity.

11. Red Hat

red hat font download
(Image credit: Red Hat)

Red hat is the free commercial use fonts developed by Jeremy Mickel for a diverse range of purposes. There exist two different optical size free fonts available under this category.

Don’t ever get confused that the Linux users can use this font due to the similar name collision. Anyone interested in designing the projects with this unique font can go ahead with it and design the good looking outputs.

12. Animosa

animosa font free download
(Image credit: Stefano Giliberti)

Animosa is the best sans serif font developed by Stefano for use in the purposes including graphic designing and professional editing.

The availability of this royalty free font is there in five weights along with multi-level language support. This free commercial use font dedicatedly supports 93 different languages with versatile specifications.

Go ahead and download this best available font for multi angle implementations.

13. Loki

loki font free download
(Image credit: Wild Picks)

Loki appears hybrid for implementation purposes with and even come forward in terms of best handwriting fonts as well.

There exist diverse range of font utilizations including normal textual printing, graphic design applications, newspaper printing, brochure designing, cards designing, etc to name a few.

Being professional fonts, they even reflect the modern outlooks with a completely different appearance.

Though this best to use font is compatible to use under the entire paragraph body, this font gives a premium eye-catching look to the titles.

14. Salt

salt font
(Image credit: Masha Chuprova)

Salt is the best free font for use under several applications by the professionals as well as the students. There exist two different availability of the font including the regular and the bold one.

The sans serif font category makes the design look appealing in all aspects. It is completely free to use for the professional and the commercial purposes.

Go ahead with the initial downloading process and install the font for frequent usage.

15. Alcubierre

alcubierre font
(Image credit: Web Designer Depot)

This is one of the best free royalty free font considered for use under several purposes. The font has a typical free typeface with numerous applicable functions.

The professional graphic designers love to implement this font for several printing categories including brochures, cards, and others.

One can go ahead in using this best font for giving the titles as well as to use under the body domain. It has a geometric sans serif typeface and capital letters looks extremely appealing under this font’s appearance.

16. Big John/ Slim Joe

big john & slim joe free fonts
(Image credit: Ion Lucin)

One of the globally renowned graphic designers ‘Ion Lucin’ came up with this appealing font for his personal use.

Rather, this professional font became globally popular after seeing the versatile implementations. Behance took a look into this font after getting it from Lucin and she introduced another best free font under the same category with the title ‘Slim Joe’.

Both the Big John and Slim Joe are the well-known all caps font and ready for utilization under a versatile range of projects by the professionals.

Either the title, or the headlines, or even a few of the body parts, this unique font looks appealing under all the different circumstances.

17. Public Sans

public sans font free download
(Image credit: Public Sans)

Public sans is the best free category of sans serif fonts for use under different implementations. This professional font is available to use under the open source category for numerous applications.

The text, headings and interfaces look magnetic with the use of this best free font. The font is available with plenty of weights and appears perfect for use under the sentences.

It outstands a great outlook with a bold appearance and strong facelift. The professionals love to utilize this unique font for serious implementations under the projects and assignments of different kinds.


Free Handwriting Fonts:

The free handwriting fonts are the best free fonts providing a feel of old design styles while designing the things like cards, brochures, and others. We get an old fashion feel during the time of moving along with the designing process.

18. Cervanttis

cervanttis font
(Image credit: Crella Marketplace/Creatype Studio/Mats-Peter Forss)

It is one of the best handwriting fonts giving a signature style outlook during initiating the design process. The brands, logos, cards, and other similar categories of stuff decorate with these fonts.

These unique fonts apply to the personal, commercial, as well as professional purposes. Go ahead and opt for this best signature category of fonts to give a premium exposure to the finally designed requirement.

19. Timothy

timothy font free download
(Image credit: Timothy Goodman)

Timothy category of best handwriting fonts gives a premium outlook to the designs and brands while designing the projects.

These popular fonts come up with the handwritten touch and all letters in the block capital. The downloading process of the fonts requires an email address.

The font appearance with capital letters and handwriting feel makes the designers feel different. Timothy Goodman is the designer of this greatest font category.

20. Kavivanar

kavivanar font download
(Image credit: Tharique Azeez/Font Squirrel)

Kavivanar is the best font available with slanting letterforms and Tamil letterforms like design. The personal, as well as commercial purposes, applies this font to give an iconic feel to the created output.

Tharique Azeez is the font designer providing the facility of free downloading also.

21. Tomato Soup

tomato soup font free download
(Image credit: Pixel Surplus)

This best category of handwriting fonts is ideal to use for recreating the notebook or designing the invitations and fashionable cards.

People enjoy designing the scratchy handwriting of their family doctor and share the same along with the community. Whenever there exist a requirement of lesser texts with scratchy outlooks, this royalty free font suits the target.

22. Pacifico

pacifico font
(Image credit: Google Fonts)X

This best handwriting font adhere its inspiration from the 1950s culture of American Surf. This professional font is open source in nature providing the facility to download the font completely for free for use under various circumstances.

23. Cute Punk

cute punk free font
(Image credit: Flue)

This font is a special category of handwriting font providing a mathematical and geometrical feel while designing the projects.

This graphic design font is ready for use under professional as well as commercial purposes. Vernon Adams is the designer of this super utility font for use under different categories of projects.

Go ahead and download this special category for fonts for free. This is the best free commercial use fonts and referred by lots of designers globally.

24. Shadows into light

shadows into light font free download
(Image credit: Google Fonts)

This handwriting category of fonts appears with rounded edges and neat corners for designing the best free graphic projects.

This professional font is completely free to download for use under a diverse necessity. One can use the fonts under the categories including cards, letters, and several other kinds of stuff.

Go ahead by downloading this best font completely for free. The name appears differently and thereby the font formatting even makes the project look different with premium reflection under the projects.

25. Ambarella

ambarella font free download
(Image credit: Pixel Surplus)

This unique font is available for download completely for free by Polem Studios. The font resembles a different calligraphy format giving the design projects a premium outlook.

One can notice the existence of different western European characters inside the font category. Go ahead by downloading this popular font and implement the same to giving a premium handwriting feel.

This is another royalty free font allowing the users to download and use for any of the purposes completely for free. The typical signature styling appears with a difference in comparison to the other ones.

25. Nickainley

nickainley font free download
(Image credit: Seniors Studio)

The font comes up with a unique looking monocline script along with the appearance of different capital and small letters.

Moreover, there lies a typical vintage feel with the sentences created by using this best handwriting font. This free font makes the design look awesome for any of the graphic design projects including the resemblance of handwriting type requirement.

Go ahead and download this unique font to implement it inside the project of any category.

27. Yellowtail

yellowtail font
(Image credit: Google Fonts)

This popular font comes up with the reflection of the typefaces similar to Gillies Gothic and Kaufmann.

The letterform appears in the different connecting and non-connecting formats and comes up in a cursive letter styling for creating the textual and graphical designs.

One can use this font under different branding and advertising like purposes. You are welcome to download this category of font completely free without any payment like formalities.


Vintage and Retro Fonts:

28. Nimitz

nimitz font free
(Image credit: Bart Wesolek)

This best free font comes forward in three different appearances including clean fonts, rough fonts, and textured fonts.

Every single character inside the font appears in a capital letters supporting the complete readability even for the newer individuals.

Either it is personal, professional, or even the commercial purposes, this best royalty free font suits all the requirements without any hassles.

The font is extremely royal and stylish in nature giving the design project a premium outlook. Go ahead by downloading this best vintage font free and make your project look appealing.

29. Rousseau Deco

rousseau deco free font
(Image credit: Mariano Diez)

This is another premium offering under the category of vintage and retro fonts to make the graphic design project look awesome in all aspects.

The font combines super classic styling along with the availability of sans-serif touch for better outlooks. Mariano Diez is the well-known designer of this iconic royalty free font to let the designers showcase their designing skills.

The best free font is available to download completely for free and ready for use under commercial and individual purposes.

30. Lazer 84

lazer 84 font
(Image credit: Juan Hodgson)

This popular font is well-categorized under the retro font category, but at the time it holds the category of brush fonts as well.

Juan Hodgson is the famous designer of this best free font ready for use under the diverse categories of domains under the designing aspects.

The font reflects the mirror image of 80’s styling and put a benchmark on the finally created designs with an awesome interface.

31. Nature Sans

nature sans font free download
(Image credit: Alex Joganic)

This is another best available category of vintage and retro fonts making it perfectly suitable for the vintage like projects.

Designers fall in love with this super amazing best free font category available for download completely free. Rough and Regular are the two broad categories of the font depending upon the user’s implementations.

In case the user wants to draw straight lines without any curves, it is better to go for the regular font. However, the other users can opt for the rough category of fonts under Nature Sans fonts.

32. Cheque

cheque font download
(Image credit: Fontfabric)

Every single character of this vintage font appears like a geometrical shape and exposes a glamorous outlook to the final output.

The newspaper headlines along with the magazine printing house deploy this iconic font category to put a glimpse into the designing.

Regular and the black versions are the two different category of this font and their use depends upon the user needs. This unique font is completely free to download and use under several platforms.

33. Hamurz

hamurz font
(Image credit: Bagus Budiyanto)

Hamurz is another best commercial use font available for use under various graphical requirements. The fresher, as well as the experienced users, can go ahead by choosing this unique font for their projects.

The users can make decent looking cards, brochures, etc using the font with rough edges and rounded outlooks.

Logos, headings, and even the t-shirt printing process are happily done via the implementation of this royalty free font without any issues.

The designer of this font is Bagus Budiyanto who put forward the same for public use without any usage terms and conditions.

34. LOT

lot font free download
(Image credit: Fontfabric)

LOT is the super fat popular fonts among the category of retro and vintage fonts. The fonts prove iconic to prepare the documents including posters, brochures, cards, and documents requiring bolder emboss of the fonts.

There even exist the letterforms in the geometrical format making the documents impressive in the eyes of the viewers.

Either the person is a fresher, or an experienced professional, this best professional font falls in love with all the formats for making the appealing documents.

Go ahead and download this super cool font completely for free for your upcoming projects.

35. Jocker

joker font download
(Image credit: Craft Supply Co)

Jocker is a font under the vintage font category making the designer feel like reading an advertisement for circus occasion.

It looks super cool with the fonts arranged in dancing orders to make the posters and logos eye-catching. Moreover, the fonts are completely royalty free font having an appealing outlook to make the designs look cool.

36. Paralines

paralines font
(Image credit: Lewis Latham)

Paralines are the kinds of font looking similar to the TV titles of 1970s and 1980s. The typography of this best font looks appealing having parallel line bars in every single character.

Such characters when combined together to make words make great font styles. Lewis Latham is the designer of this best unique font and the utilities are diverse ranging from designing the cards, brochures, book editing, newspaper headline printing, and countless other stuff.

  • Free for personal and commercial use


Brush Fonts:

The free brush fonts help add the feel of brush type drawing when designing the graphic design projects.

The paintbrush style of lettering strategies makes the project look cool and eye-catching and lets the viewers appreciate the efforts of the designers.

The font is popular to be the free font for designers with cool typography and unique font styling.

37. Oh now

oh now font
(Image credit: Syaf Rizal)

The font is available for free by the exceptional font designer Syaf Rizal. The fonts is ready for consideration as the adobe illustrator fonts as one can easily implement the best styling in this specific software design package.

Moreover, all the other graphic design software is compatible to use this specific Oh Now font to create uniquely designed graphical projects.

38. The cat has a hat

the cat has a hat font free download
(Image credit: Lukee Thornhill)

This best free font looks cool with an outlook interface suitable to design the cards with playful ethics. The childish brochures, and play school syllabus can also be designed using this unique font developed by Lukee Thornhill.

The fonts appear like scrawling over the page, yet anyone can easily read them without any reading troubles. These free commercial use fonts even let the users use them for personalized purposes.

39. Mustache free

mustache free font download
(Image credit: Joel Maker)

This best commercial use fonts are the best categories of brush fonts for making the designs looks appealing.

Joel Maker makes the professional feel of reading the fonts with a handmade feel. It obviously looks like brush designed fonts for the professional as well as the newly introduced graphic design person.

There include an entire combination of all the uppercase and lowercase letters styled with professional outlooks.

This unique font category of brush fonts even includes numerals, punctuations, and dedicated support for multiple languages.

You are welcome to download this royalty free font completely for free to use frequently under any packages.

40. Festival

festival fonts
(Image credit: Pixel Surplus)

Festival fonts make you feel awesome while designing your new projects in the festival season. You can add colors to change your mood and the unique font styling makes everything look cool with decent effects.

The font dedicatedly supports the characters of multilingual type with special designing effects to make the designs look super cool.

Go ahead to download this best free font for your computer system and enjoy the life with super cool styling. This is the best available category of poster fonts for designing the posters of advertisements for any specific requirement.

41. Sophia

sophia font
(Image credit: Mats-Peter Forss and Emily Spadoni)

Sophia is the best available free commercial fonts available with a brush script for coolest project styling. Brush script handwriting like exposure makes the design project look appealing for any single purpose by the professionals.

There exist multilingual glyphs along with randomly designed outlooks. The love cards along with the logos and brochures fits suitable with this popular font the coolest designs prepared with this best free commercial font are exceptional every time.

42. Reckless

reckless font free download
(Image credit: Nadi Spasibenko)

Reckless includes the availability of all the uppercase characters along with the Latin ones. Either the drawing pad appears in format like web layout, or the print layout, this free font looks cool making us feel like working with a perfectly suitable brush font.


Tattoo Fonts:

The fonts typically symbolize the tattoo designs with specific structures.

43. Rose Tattoo

rose tattoo font
(Image credit: Billy Argel)

This tattoo font looks appealing for both commercial and individual usage. The projects include the creation of logo, tattoos, and countless pieces of stuff. One can easily download these cool looking fonts completely for making them royalty free fonts entirely.

44. Betty

betty font free download
(Image credit: Anastasia Dimitriadi)

This free to use commercial font is specifically used for endorsing good looking and creative tattoos anywhere as per the desire.

There seems the presence of sailor’s anchor and inspired by the old school tattoo arts. Go ahead by downloading the font completely for free and showcase your designing talent in front of the world.

45. Angilla

angilla tattoo font
(Image credit: Måns Grebäck)

This best free font symbolize the presence of the spirit of calligraphy with super cool styling. Ideally suited for graphic designing stuffs by the designers.

These are the best free font for designers and compatible to use with any of the graphic design packages to ideally draw the tattoo.

46. Serval

serval font
(Image credit: Maelle.K and Thomas Boucherie)

This professional font caters to the requirements of drawing the tattoo as per the requirement. The designers find the font versatile enough and loaded with diverse sets of features.

This is the royalty free font allowing the downloading functionality without paying even a single penny.

47. MOM

mom font free download
(Image credit: Rafa Miguel)

This royalty free font gets inspiration from the old school tattoo culture belonging to the tradition of America. Rafa Miguel is the font creator providing the free downloading facility for distinguished platforms.

Make a bold move, select this best ever font, and implement them under the projects for reflecting an amazing feel.

48. Original Gangsta

original gangsta font
(Image credit: Gilang Purnama Jaya)

This best font comes forward as the best ever tattoo fonts under the category available for downloading completely for free.

The stylish and uncompromising font format allows the professional graphics designer also to choose this font to endorse without any second thoughts.

49. Angel Tears

angel tears font download
(Image credit: Billy Argel)

This tattoo font appears similar to ink having the font styling appearing with several thick and thin strokes giving a decent and premium outlook.

The rugged and classy nature of the fonts makes the logos and graphical documents iconic with eye-catching overviews.

This comes under the free font download category making it royalty free for use under the created documents.


Graffiti Fonts:

Graffiti fonts are the best art-style fonts available completely for free to download. The best free fonts provide a premium outlook to the finally designed projects of any category.

This royalty free font seems applicable to a diverse range of graphical applications including designing the logos, creating textual documents, developing web-applications, etc to name a few.

50. Sprite

sprite font download
(Image credit: Arsek & Erase/Ani Petrova/Vasil Stanev)

Sprite is one of the finest categories of typography fonts considered under the graffiti fonts category for numerous applications.

This is an urban jungle font with versatile features. The sets of fonts available under the graffiti font categories provide an urban outlook to the projects under different headings.

The best fonts are available to provide a premium appearance under the brushstroke category. They appear like a person painted them via a paintbrush tool.

It adds a feel of retro-urban appealing style to make your projects look decent and appealing in all aspects. The font is completely free to use for commercial and individual purposes.

You can download the fonts for free without any licensing issues.

51. Urban Decay

urban decay font style
(Image credit: Zofos)

This best free font makes the projects look appealing with the premium typography approach. This appears similar to the handmade brush font making every single character look like manual creation.

The font designer is Zofos, making it flexible enough for every single usage. The popular font is capable enough to put forward an urban feel to the projects.

52. Philly Sans

philly sans font
(Image credit: Kosal Sen)

This best free font is here to serve the necessities with a versatile approach and graffiti formats. Philatype is the developer of this unique font with a heavy and lowercase only approach.

The documents look decent with the font making them super clear to read and comprehend. Go ahead and download the font for free for versatile usage.

53. Hoodson Script

hudson script font download
(Image credit: Dirtyline Studio)

There exist handy bonus swashes along with the formatting appearing similar to best ever font with bouncy outlines.

Hendra Dirtyline is the well-known developer of this unique font for numerous purposes including logos, brochures, posters, and several others.

The personal use of the font is available completely for free, but the commercial usage is payable as of now.

54. Ruthless Drippin One

Ruthless Dripping One Font
(Image credit: Måns Grebäck)

The font appears artistic without any arrangement like orders for this best free font in the graffiti category. Mans Grayback put forward the best efforts to make the font look modern with not any consideration to be called it as the well-arranged font.

One can implement the font for numerous purposes and make their project appear decent among the other available tasks.

55. Black & Blue Brush

black & blue brush free font
(Image credit: Dafont)

The font gets inspiration from the urban and the hip hop culture. The users can get a handwritten like feel with the sets of characters under this font.

The character looks like a marker signed and appears different in comparison to the other graffiti fonts. This royalty free font is authentic, legible and lashed with sufficient versatilities.

56. Grizzly Attack

grizzly attack regular font free download
(Image credit: Dafont)

The font gets utilized for making the horror movie titles and numerous other graphical logos and brochure like documents.

Every single character is available in caps with the capability to add extra characters along with the already available stuff.

Go ahead and download this font completely for free for use in commercial and individual purposes.

57. Crevice Stencil

crevice stencil font download
(Image credit: Bath design studio)

This is another best graffiti font that looks elegant for use under a range of applications. Bath design studio is the creator of this professional looking font for drawing the characters under different kinds of logos, posters, documents, and others.

A license is essential to use this font for the commercial purposes. However, the individual users can use this font for free.

58. Mercey Cowboy

mersey cowboy font download
(Image credit: Mersey Cowboy)

This best font is available with the features including messy and chaotic appearance to make the project look decent every time.

The character looks dashing like cowboy and independent of using them only for some sets of purposes. The commercial font suits best only for the commercial purposes without using them for regular use.

Commercial use requires license, but the individuals never needs a license for the same.

59. Nebulous

nebulous font download
(Image credit: pobrenerd)

This graffiti font is specially designed font providing stencil typographical style markings. The characters stands smartly for different sets of purposes including putting the movie titles, video editing, logo making, cards designing, and several others.

Pobrenerd is the Brazilian designer of this best available free font. One can use it completely free both for the personal and the commercial purposes.

60. Black Top

black top font
(Image credit: Six Above Studios on FontSpace)

It is one of the best hand designed graphical style fonts looking as if someone has designed it personally with the paintbrush touch.

There exist the bonus elements in this font in addition to the alternates, legators, and alternates like mediums. This royalty free font provides the usage only for the personal purposes.

61. Humger

Humger free font download
(Image credit: Wassim Awadallah )

The designers get a feel of old school stenciling like activity while working with these fonts under the projects. The font typeface is uppercase and narrow textured appearing differently than the other similar categories.

Wasim is the famous font developer offering to use the font completely for free both for the personal as well as the commercial purposes.

62. Fibre

Fibre font download
(Image credit: krisijanis)

Fibre is the category of free graffiti font for use under several applications. It provides a scratchy feel having all the letters in caps lock styling.

The reading experience is crystal clear giving the finest approach even to the elderly individuals to read and understand appropriately. The font is exclusively free to use only for personal use purposes.

63. Metro Grunge

metro grunge font free download for commercial use
(Image credit: Metro Grunge)

This royalty free font is another best free font providing super exclusive designing concerning to the graphical and textual documents.

Peter Olexa is the freelance designer of this greatest ever font under free graffiti font category providing a premium feel to the projects. The font is free to use both for the personal and commercial usage.

64. Extreme Travel

extreme travel font download free
(Image credit: LJ Design Studios)

Extreme travel font makes exceptional use of the splatter effects to make the graphic design projects look amazing. The font is here in the name of the most talented Colombian graphic designer Louis Jaramillo.

The projects appear like spray painted with splattery background appearance. It provides the demo font to download for personal use purposes.

65. Humblle Rough

humblle rought font free download
(Image credit: Hendra Dirtyline)

The font looks funny and appears with a decent imbalanced structure. The projects look decent with the font styling and super amazing formats.

This free graffiti font is here to use with a danced flow for multiple projects. Yes, you can use the font for logos, brochures, and others.

66. Flow

flow fonts free download
(Image credit: Hidekazu Sakakibara)

Flow is font hitting the target between the availabilities of elegant and freestyle fonts. This is another popular font and available for use completely for free.

The themed projects look iconic in all aspects and the words appear in the small letters most of the time. You are free to use this decently available font for the purposes including graphic design projects and video editing.

67. Broken Wings

Broken Wings free font download
(Image credit: Pixel Surplus)

There lies jagged emotional feel and angry energy level in the fonts to make the projects look awesome. There are large and small caps fonts in the category along with numerals as well.

This popular font is free to use both for the personal as well as commercial purposes. This cutest free font makes the design projects appealing for catering to the requirements.


Unusual Fonts:

The free unusual fonts exist differently for diverse range of purposes meeting the user’s requirements. Let’s have a discussion on the best free unusual fonts in the upcoming points.

68. Miratrix

Miratrix font free download
(Image credit: Andy Karter)

This best free font is available to use with the features including the collection of versatile category fonts for numerous applications.

It never seems ordinary and appears really unusual for a diverse set of applications. The multi-functional and eye-catching design aspects make the projects look cool with the available features.

Go beyond the imagination and start using this poster font for the applications including web design and development, logo making, brochure design, and others.

69. Soulcraft

soulcraft font free download
(Image credit: Massimo Studio, Erick Donate, Jean Wojciechow, Marcelo de Costa)

This poster font is applicable for use under several graphic design applications including card printing, brochure making, web design, etc to name a few.

Vernacular letting makes the font look decent in various ways. The bold font appears even make the documents look confident all the time.

Go ahead and start the free downloading process of the font both for the commercial and the personal uses. The characters of this royalty-free font appear in bold letters.

70. Stanley

stanley font free download
(Image credit: Pixel Surplus, Jérémie Gauthier)

Stanley is the best font for use under diverse range of applications. There are geometric forms contained under the font styling to design the projects in a decent manner.

The applicable uses of the font can go beyond designing merely the cards and brochures. Even the branding and packaging like purposes gets fulfilled by this font due to the enriched sets of features.

There are diverse applicability of this font including the use in poster making, drawing, making brochures, web designing, etc to name a few.

Most importantly, the font is ready to download completely for free without any license purchase like activities. This is the unique font under unusual font category providing great benefits.

71. Gilbert

gilbert font free download
(Image credit: Type with Pride)

Gilbert font is available with the features including the appearance of rainbow like font presence for numerous utilities.

It is one of the finest availability for creating the graphical structures including logos, banners, hoardings, and others.

This best to use commercial font is available to use completely for free both for the personal and the commercial purposes.

72. Le Super Serif

le super serif font free download
(Image credit: SuperBruut)


This best free font provides the functionality of uppercase typeface availability to design the graphical projects. Even the number of plates mostly use this font along with the availability in the web design projects also.

This is even considered under the Adobe Illustrator font category as it adequately works on this software platform.

73. Blokk

blokk font download
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Blokk is an unusual font for use under the purposes including the mockup creation and wireframe designing. The website mockup preparation prefers to choose this unique font structure for any complexity and diversity level.

Even the experienced graphic designers prefer using this font for a countless number of purposes. Go ahead and download this font completely for free both for the commercial as well as personal usage.

74. Celebration

celebration font free download
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This is another unusual font available for use with four different fonts. The layered typography approach makes the design look awesome and eye-catching for the graphic designers.

Filled, outline, inline, and shadow are the best design patterns under the category for providing a decent outlook to the projects.

Go ahead by choosing any of them and utilize this best font for versatile applications and projects.

75. Laurus Nobilis

laurus nobilis font free download
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This is another royalty free font allowing the designers to use this font for numerous applications. The premium quality wreaths and laurels provide a decent outlook to the functional projects.

There exist sixty two numbers of total characters including appearances like shields, stars, branches, wheat ears, and several others.

Either the personal or the commercial projects can use this best font completely for free without registering for the license.

76. Counterscraps

counterscraps font free download
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This is a free available font including the availability of seventy three (73) different icons featuring food and kitchen products.

The fonts are applicable for use under several design projects and also with the documents of any type. Most of the times, the designers need to express their views graphically.

For all such purposes, this specific unusual and royalty free font comes a great use and resolve the problem. Even the experienced graphic designers prefer this font for use under web design and development projects.

Along with the other software, this is also an Adobe Illustrator font for providing great use under this high-end graphic design package.

There exist natural and cool looking splatters for best incorporation along with the projects of numerous types.

77. Totally Tabular Font

totally tabular font free download
(Image credit: Antoine Mauron)

This best free font is another font under the playful font category. Every single character appears similar to hand drawn category and appears different than the others.

There comes an outline version of the font to best describe the utilities under a versatile range of projects. The utilities include designing beautiful logos, brochures, cards, number plates, web design, and development, etc to name a few.

The designers get a retro feel using these exceptional categories of fonts. The experienced designers along with the branded printing houses recommend using the=is font under the project for a unique feel.

Go ahead and download this best font completely for free both for the commercial and personal purposes. The radical styling along with the eye-catching color mixers makes the font looks appealing and applicable for numerous purposes.

The users fall in love with the font’s interface and usage as it appears different than the others. The kid’s school hoardings prefer using this font for creating the banners and posters to attract the children for studies.


To sum up, the article explains diverse categories of best free fonts along with their features, specifications, and utilities.

All the fonts have different capabilities for the design projects. The categories of the free fonts include Serif, Sans Serif, Handwriting Fonts, Retro and Vintage Fonts, Brush Fonts, Tattoo Fonts, Graffiti Fonts, and Unusual Fonts.

The users will get an in-depth understanding of different font types under these broad categories. Any of the graphic design projects can never complete without the use and implementation of different font categories.

The designers must have an understanding of the fonts to use under different circumstances. Either we talk about graphical applications like cards, brochures, or the posters, the fonts matter the most in all such cases.

Even the eye-catching web designs need the implementation of different font types.

Better the understanding of the font’s usage, ultimate will be the design project for any specific requirements. Most of the best free fonts are available to use as royalty free font without any charges.

Simply download them inside the system and start using the fonts without any issues. Learn to use them and implement them with the best strategies and start assuming the best and exceptional design interface.

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