What Is Graphic Design? How To Become A Freelancer Graphic Designer In 2020?

Are you curious to know “how to become a freelance graphic designer in 2020 and what is graphic design?”. Please read the ultimate guide here.

What is Graphic Design:

Graphic design is a term synonymous with visual communications using the graphical entities including images, symbols, visual texts, animation, and even the words.

It is the concept of delivering messages and ideas using visual representations of different kinds.

The graphic design approach makes the understanding crystal clear as compared to the textual interfaces.

It thereby inclines the companies, entrepreneurs, websites, and several other businesses to adopt the best form of this expressive approach.

Lines, shapes, color, type, and texture are the different elements of graphic design to create the needful visual designs.

The creation of hoardings, banners, and other visual advertisements helps make customers purchase the products.

The approach is well-efficient in revolutionizing the modes of marketing strategies and taking it to the new level.

Initiating the understanding from Microsoft Windows onwards, we are working on the graphical user interfaces (GUI). It helps the users understand the functionalities more clearly rather than the commands.

Adding more to the visual entities, the idealistic combination of the visuals comes forward in numerous visual representational categories.

The visual combination comes forward by the names of posters, logos, banners, website designs, business cards, visual software interfaces, and others.

It is a worthy approach to becoming a freelance graphic designer in this everlasting era of graphic design developments.

Considering the increasing prospects in the graphic design sector, the learners most often use to search ‘how to become a freelance graphic designer’.

Taking a look over the results, there exist a series of steps for becoming a professional graphic designer.

It is mandatory to have creative sets of graphic design skills along with a sound understanding of several graphic design packages.

Even the freelance web designers implement the iconic graphic design skills to create attractive website pages.


What do Graphic Designers Do/ Work Profile of Graphic Designers:



a) Creates visual communication mediums using graphical formats.

b) Works for companies, advertising agencies, magazines, and other associated services.

c) Develops logos, banners, advertising campaigns, marketing materials, and others.

d) Develops advertising layouts, reports, brochures, with the help of graphical tools.

e) Implements graphic design software of different kinds depending upon the necessities. 

f) Meet the clients on behalf of the companies or self and advise the strategies.

g) Put forward the finally developed designs in front of the clients for approval. 

h) Uses the general as well as the licensed software for creating the assignments. 

i) Plays a vital role in the development of iconic websites with graphical overviews.

In addition to the above, professional graphic designers have extraordinary designing skills. They have an inborn talent of creating the appreciable graphic contents with appropriate mix up of the images, animations, words, and other needful elements.

The widespread scope of the graphic design helps the individuals in raising their business being a freelance graphic designer as well.

Moreover, there remain countless opportunities for graphic designers in a diverse range of industries all over the world.


How to Become a Freelance Graphic Designer in 2020:

Google records several queries with ‘How to become a freelance graphic designer’ every single month. Even the other search engines even count the queries the countless number of times.

The one and the only reason is the increasing job prospects associated with the field.

What is Graphic Design is the concept that is easy to understand using theoretical practices. The understanding of the field is not that difficult to grasp.

Anyone can refer to the search engine results or the books/ e-books to understand the concept.

There stand unlimited opportunities in the field of becoming a freelance graphic designer. It is never mandatory to work for any specific company.

In case of getting a nice paying job as per the requirements, you are welcome to go for it. Instead exist diverse opportunities being a freelancer in a similar field.

In other cases, you can start getting freelance graphic designing projects using the freelance job portals. Your graphic design skill only counts in all such situations of becoming a freelance graphic designer.

Moreover, the creativity of grabbing such opportunities also plays a vital role.


Steps involved in becoming a freelance graphic designer in 2020:

‘How to Become a Freelance Graphic Designer’ needs essential understanding with a series of needful steps. Concerning the same, the given vital points are mandatory in becoming a freelance graphic designer in 2020:-


1. Building Up an Attractive Graphic Design Portfolio:


 how to become a freelance graphic designers -graphic design portfolio


It is mandatory to design an attractive graphic design portfolio for attracting targeted clients globally. Try to showcase your professionalism inside the same and include the best of projects.

Very soon, you will be noticing the client’s interest in hiring your services as per the mentioned conditions.

There exist a variety of freelance graphic design projects in a wide number of niches. Whatever you have worked for requires mentioning on the portfolio.

It would be better to quote the client’s positive feedbacks after the work submission. It will increase the chances of grabbing a particular project with ease.

After finalizing the portfolio, keep on listing on every single freelancing platform. Along with this, keep on adding the portfolio on LinkedIn, and start switching over to the job boards as well.

Even, showcase your portfolio on job-portals by reflecting your interest in becoming a freelance graphic designer. The clients will definitely go through the profile and hire you for their specific freelancing projects.

Keep on building your authority being the freelance graphic designer and start an attractive journey.


2. Searching For The First Freelance Client:

 how to become a freelance graphic designers -graphic design clients


Most of the freelance designers simply update their portfolio and upload on the online platforms. However, this simple to adopt strategy will never work in this competitive scenario.

You will have to be extra creative by adopting smarter strategies including the following:-

a) Start creating your brand portfolio on the freelancing platforms including Upwork, Fiverr, Peopleperhour, Truelancer, and others.

Create your portfolio as a seller, mention your professionalism, and wait for the clients to respond. You can even go for their premium (paid) membership for getting an extra response to your portfolio.

You will be successful in grabbing freelance graphic design projects shortly with attractive remuneration.

b) Advertising your graphic design portfolio on the personal network even works out strategically. Instead of bombarding your profile over social media, it is better to let your friends know.

They will share-worthy opportunities and let you know about the existing requirements.

You can opt for an outreach email in a personalized manner and request the members for help. This strategy works out in most of cases helping you in becoming a freelance graphic designer shortly.

Several freelance web designers even grab such projects with a similar working style.


3. Establishing Your Brand Image Online:




You can be able to get freelance clients easily after establishing a personal brand online. You need to adopt all the essential strategies so that the people start knowing your work profile.

It is better to market the business name and let the people recognize you with the same.

For the same sake, it is essential to buy a domain name, and create a website reflecting your graphic design skills. While building the online graphic design portfolio, showcase your skills by giving your site’s link.

The queries on ‘how to become a freelance graphic designer’ involves this crucial step.

More than the above, create a professional email address keeping the business domain name. As soon as the people start recognizing you, you will be getting diverse graphic design projects.

Try to cash out the opportunities and request your clients to globalize your works among their circles.


4. Try to Accept Even The Smaller Proposals:

As it is clear to set up the business being a freelance graphic designer, you better register yourself in all the online marketplaces.

Try to build up a dynamic profile and keep on applying to every single employer. No matter whether the profile gets selected or rejected, you will be able to put up your presence.

Never reject even the smallest graphic design projects. Try to focus on the opportunities and build up your online work portfolio.

The positive client’s feedback will help you gain worldwide authority in the domain. Keep on moving, grabbing the opportunities, and submitting the quality works for a better online impression.

The freelancing sites help you boost the portfolio over time. As soon as you submit the quality work, you will start getting more and more job proposals based on the top start ratings.

During the time of work submission, request the clients to tell a few positive words in the comment. This will be helpful for other clients also to know your graphic design skills and work deliverables.


5. Start Creating Your Business Desires and Goals:


 how to become a freelance graphic designers - Business goals


After finalizing to get inside the freelance graphic design business, it is advisable to create the business goals. It can be like the total investment for setting up a full-fledged portfolio.

In case the websites offer free of cost listing, then the essential skills for making it get going for the long term.

The queries on services, contractors, CTA, etc needs sorting out without any delay. It is even essential to measure the aspects of such planning.

If every aspect goes on smoothly, it is well and good to take it for the long term. Else, the freelance graphic design business needs another angle.


6. Analyze The Potential Clients and Networks:

You better start attending the meet-ups, seminars, and networking events in the region. Let the people recognize your potentials even offline for appropriate recommendation via online medium.

There remain the chances of getting in touch with the working agencies, or even the workers assisting you. Try to be humble both online and offline so that the employers or the business persons can allot you the bulk works.


7. Keep on Updating Your Knowledge:


 how to become a freelance graphic designers - update graphic design knowledge


Merely getting continuous works never means that you stop learning the skills. Better focus on the work aspects and keep on learning the best software for becoming a freelance graphic designer.

You can put forward the exceptional skills that others will not have to reflect in front of the employers. People will dislike your profile or keep them in a similar category as the others.

If your profile will show off some additional graphic design skills, there will be a much better chance of grabbing a project.

The technological aspect is growing consistently and there is diverse software specifically under the graphic design field. Try to master the packages for better outcomes concerning the field.


8. Never Stick to a Particular Business or Client:

Becoming a freelance graphic designer requires smart working prospects during the time. It is a smart strategy to keep looking for additional clients while working for any particular company.

You may never know the downfall of the business or the specific client for which you are working.

Keep on updating the profile on the freelancing and job providing platforms. Learn to utilize all the essential aspects of freelancing and work for a diverse range of works at the same time.

Keep on delivering the outputs in the committed timing so that you can have a better impression in the eyes of the employers.

You will actually learn ‘what is graphic design’ and ‘how to become a freelance graphic designer’ as the experience grows. Expand your business goals after a fixed time duration for added work prospects.


9. Profitable Referral Network Creation:



Keep on expanding your circle and start referring your clients to the other freelancers. Freelancers are obviously working for a rich range of domains including graphic design, content writing, freelance web design, and several others.

Your potential connection with the freelancers will help you refer to your clients as per the requirements. This will build up a positive referring scenario.

In turn, you will also be getting freelance clients concerning your field of work. This mutual support and interaction will build up a massive network of freelancers and clients that will never end up anytime.

As the group starts growing, create a social media group or the portal and start assisting the clients and freelancers. This smart working strategy is a must for the growth and the established freelancers.


10. Searching Out for The Micro-Niche Market:

It is never a bad idea to expand your freelancing opportunities and get in touch with the diverse category of freelancers.

However, shifting the work profile for fewer client requirements and sticking to one particular field will let the clients understand your expertise.

Before shifting the work deliverables with the niche market, have a look over the following queries:-

a) Are you skilled enough to continue for a longer time in this area?

b) Can you expand your knowledge meeting the client’s expectations over the period of time?

c) Is there an everlasting demand for the services you are going to sell for a long time?

In addition to the above, there stand several other questions after deciding to switch over to the specific niche. If there exists a long term opportunity in the work domain, better go on and discover the additional opportunities.

Sticking to a niche market never means that you are not able to work on the other freelancing projects. The ways to becoming a freelance graphic designer will be simpler over time.


11. Understanding The Niche Project Market:

The freelance graphic designers can start working focusing on the following niche market:-

a) Organizational specific graphic design assignments.

b) Graphic design software based assignments over the freelancing sites or the job portals.

c) Implementing the particular working techniques targeting the AI interfaces or the design works.

d) Project targeted specializations including freelance web design, freelance logo design, or others.

e) Targeting only the clients of a specific work area and fulfilling the assignment expectations.

It never means that the niche is unchangeable. Either the client or the market requires change after a time duration. Try to update the skills and remain at the top of the market trends.

Keep on analyzing the market and the client’s requirements and make yourself eligible to satisfy the freelancing scenario.


12. Adopt Smarter Graphic Design Opportunities:


 how to become a freelance graphic designers - graphic design opportunities


Prefer smart work over hard work. Traditional work ethics will never be working in the upcoming scenario. The sentence never means that you stop learning the traditional graphic design skills.

For example, becoming a freelance graphic designer with Photoshop skills will always work for a long period.

This is because most of the subsets of this software are there. Anyone who is well efficient in working over the Photoshop software will find it extremely easy to grab the newer concepts.

Hence, it is advisable to learn traditional graphic designing skills like Photoshop. However, at the same time, it is mandatory to adopt smarter online learning strategies.

We can have a list of online graphic design software in this technological era. Most of the time, clients want you to be frequent in handing such online graphic design software also.

No matter how frequent you are in traditional software like Photoshop, Corel-Draw, or Pagemaker.

It will never be difficult to master the concept for the learners. However, the reflection of the mastery needs mentioning when the time comes.

Moreover, you can list them up under your freelance graphic design profile while applying for any jobs of such kinds.


13. On-Time Payment Collection:

Ultimately, you are selling your skills for fulfilling the requirements of your clients. All you are investing is the dedicated skills and precious time. After several days of effort, you find your projects ready.

After such hard efforts, you must be smart enough in moving one step ahead of the fraud clients. While grabbing the projects, ask for advance payments after showcasing your skills.

Analyze the client’s reputation by discussing with them, or analyzing their social and professional profiles.

Most of the time, it happens that the clients refuse to pay the freelancers after taking the assignments. There are several such forums, social media groups, and others where such complaints are there in a massive number.

Let the clients go if they refuse to adhere to your payment terms.

It is better to grab at least 50% advance payments, or if possible, ask for the complete payments. Else, in this dark world of frauds, all your efforts will go to hell without any payment process.

Stay away from the fraudsters, and unwanted phishing like activities. Never trust on the tools that never have a reputation in the online world.

In case you get the reference from your trusted networks, you can go ahead and finalize the tasks. Take smarter steps and keep on moving with dedicated efficiency.



To sum up, focus on understanding the principles and the entire concepts of graphic design. Try to move ahead with the traditional graphic design concepts and master the additional working strategies.

Becoming a freelance graphic designer needs an in-depth understanding of the ideas as mentioned inside the article in detail.

It is not a child’s play to dig into the freelance graphic design field and start grabbing countless projects. There are several other people having worthy skill sets and smartness.

You need to be extra attentive with essential sets of skills including appropriate time management, dedication, and smart work. Clients will always demand the quickest delivery of the project with complete accuracy levels.

You need to frequent enough in responding accordingly to grab the projects and deliver as per your convenience.

After understanding and simplifying every single step, you will become unstoppable. Sky will only be the limit. Successful delivery of the projects with complete client’s satisfaction will help you grab consistent projects over time.

The business will start growing from one to two, and finally a complete freelancing company.

Move ahead with dedicated strategies and keep on winning the race without any hurdles. There are no bosses in the field. Only your commitments should stand ahead of everyone for leading the race of life.

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