List Of The Best Color Names With Color Shades, Meaning And Psychology Of Colors

Hey! Are you looking forward to picking up the right color shade for your upcoming design project? Are you wondering about getting the list of the best color names and looking for the way out?

As per the graphic designer’s perspective, the appropriate selection of the perfect color choice dedicatedly matters to make the design look awesome.

Ingrid Sundberg, children’s book illustrator and writer, has designed a beautiful Color Thesaurus.

Among the huge availability of the color shades and color palettes, it is mandatory to prioritize the rightmost shade and move forward with the same. Let us have a look at the list of 12 color names with color shades in detail. 

List of 12 color names with color shades

1. White



Considering the visible spectrum of the light, White color is the perfect combination of all the color shades. 

Understanding and utilizing the importance of color palettes schemes in the design project improves the overall look and feel of the same.

Some of the popular shades of White color include Ivory, Egg Shell, Vanilla, Bone, Beige, Alice Blue, Platinum, Peach, Linen, and several others.

2. Red



Red is the top primary color to utilize in designing the projects and making it looks awesome in all aspects.

This color combines with the other color shades to generate an exceptional output appearance of the texts and images.

All the shades of this color reflect the maximum wavelengths in comparison to the others.

Some of the widely used shades of Red color include Apricot, Burgundy, Candy Apple Red, Raspberry, Pink, Tomato, Maroon, Magenta, and several others. 

3. Purple



The purple color includes the integration of several color names under the category ranging from light purple shades to darker ones.

It symbolizes the feminine appearance and preferred for designing purposes.

The shades include Electric Indigo, Grape Color, Indigo Purple, Iris Purple, Dark Purple, and several others.

 4. Pink



The pink color often represents relaxing effects based on the numerous shades within it. The love couples and especially the girl love giving the gifts wrapped under the pink outfits.

This color name is the joint combination of the shorter as well as the longer wavelengths altogether.

The shades include Deep Pink, Light Pink, Hot Pink, Seashell, Tea Rose, Salmon Pink, Cyclamen, Cerise, and several others.

5. Brown



The CMYK and RGB like color schemes represent the brown color as the darker color shades of the orange, red, and yellow colors of different types.

The color is never a primary color but can be successfully created by combining several color names altogether.

The Blue color names include Rust, Siena, Sepia, Album, Almond, Bronze, Bole, Brown Sugar, Mahogany, and several others.

6. Yellow



Yellow represents the relaxation and warmth to make the eyes feel lighter after a complete day of tiredness.

Even the clothes, as well as the light yellow colored houses, make us feel relaxed all the time. The wavelengths vary in the range of 570 to 580 nm for the best consideration.

The Yellow color shades include Maize, Gold, Buff, Aureolin, Mindoro, Lemon-Lime, Straw, Cream, Ecru, Flax, Pear, Saffron, Sunglow, and several others.

 7. Blue



The Blue color symbolizes a feeling of freedom. The sky and the ocean resemble Blue color names ranging from the light to deep color appearances. 

Different shades of the Blue color name include Dark Blue Color, Sky Blue Color, Midlight Blue Color, True Blue Color, Cyan, Denim, Maya Blue, Royal Blue, Iris, and others. 

8. Orange



Orange color is synonymous with the representation of the confidence and in-depth energy to deal with the problems.

The shades of orange symbolize positivity with a feel of enlightenment.

Orange shades include Red Orange, Neon Orange, Dark Orange, Postal Orange, Safety Orange, Marigold, International Orange, Light Orange, Metallic Gold, Apricot Color, and others. 

9. Black



Black is the universal color and combines several shades ranging from the light to dark, and several others.

The color is synonymous with the representation of fear, still, the comedians and the magicians dress in the Black color itself. 

Shades of Black include Jet, Bistrey, Black Olive, Dark Purple, Charcoal, Oxford Blue, Smoky Blue, Ebony, Café Noir, and others. 

10. Green



Green color represents wealth, prosperity, nature, health, and happiness. Obviously, the color comes forward to represent the feel of positivity and symbolizes respect towards itself.

People prefer to have their house painted with the shades of Green color to remain healthy forever.

The Green color name includes Forest Green, Lime Green, Dark Green, Hunter Green, Neon, Spring, Pastel, Mint, and others. 

11. Tan



Tan color appears as the subset of Brown, Yellow, and the combination among some more colors to generate the same.

This color is frequent to be used for a range of purposes under diverse industry ranges.

The shades of Tan color include Wheat, Hampton, Wild Rice, Mari Gold Yellow, Ashamed, Sapling, Equator, Calico, Husk, Drover, Fake Honey, Laser, and some more in the category. 

12. Gray



People most often prefer having Gray color names for their preferred tasks under diverse categories.

It is never a primary color but can be created by combining the shades of Black and the White color.

As a result, we can get a unique Gray color shade every single time as per the mix-up ratios of the colors.

The shades of Gray color include Ash Gray, Cool Gray, Yellow Gray, Silver, Charcoal, Slate, Battleship, Gunmetal, Rose Quartz, and others. 


To sum up, the color shades appear differently for the different color names as mentioned above.

There stands widespread importance of the different available color shades for specific purposes.

One can go ahead to select the appropriate color and finally decide to have the best available shade for the purpose.

The designers should have an in-depth color sense to give the interface a realistic look and feel with an adequate combination of the color names.  


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